Japanese Eyewear Brand

Simple yet elegant. PROJECTION’s design has it all. It provides lasting quality and comfort created by skilled craftsmen and combination of traditional and modern production techniques.
The inorganic, neat, and simple design of JAPONISM PROJECTION is created by pursuing the universal value and global standard. The structures were specially developed for the line and exchangeable internal parts of hinge made the repair process easier just like an old timing belt or a brake pad of a vehicle are replaced for maintenance.PROJECTION appreciates and respects Japanese spirit that people have hadlasting quality and comfort.

-Screw-less hinge structure
-Archived 100,000 times opening-closing test

Beauty of Japan. The concept of Japonism.
It is one of the most important fact to derive design inspiration. Japonism Sense series express this idea with modern sensibility. 

-Japanese traditional colors
-Japanese aesthetics in the design
-Wabi-sabi mind

Broad the view.
Sophisticated frame design for 6 based curve.
Simple, Light & comfortable.
Ultimate fusion of functionality and design.

-6 base curve
-Titanium  mono-body front bar
-asymmetry titanium nose pad